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Outdated Kickstarter Information[edit source]

How to handle old information that was promised in the Kickstarter (or shown in Alpha versions) but never made it into the final game? Under the Heading Species there is no longer valid information about the hierarchy of Species, explaining 4 different ranks, that obviously were too ambitious to make it into the game. In my opinion that information should be removed from this page, but not from the wiki. Maybe a new Page discussing the changes from the kickstarter to the final game? — Konien 2019-10-21T11:35:22‎

Well we probably should add this to species as an extra section. "World" is too broad and would need to include everything :-). I think in the long run World should only list areas, villages, caves and vaults - so only locations in the world. Istador (talk) 18:33, 21 October 2019 (UTC)