Raid Flare

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Raid flare in action summoning a Fexel raid party.

Raid flares can be used to call in raiders to attack other villages. If they are successful, the species that survived the raid take over the village.

Raid flares can be equipped the same way food is equipped. You can deploy an equipped raid flare in or near a target village to summon a raiding party. This only works if the inhabitants of the village are different than the ones you got the raid flare form.

Fighting along side the raid party is entirely optional but it can ensure the success of the raid. If a village has been emptied, either by the player or a previous, unsuccessful raid, a raid flare can be dropped in the village, immediately capturing that village upon the raid party's arrival.

Only one raid flare can be deployed at a time. It is entirely possible for a single raiding party to capture a C grade village. B or A grade villages almost always require more than one raid flare to capture without the help of the player or village debuffs.

Raid flares can be obtained via trading from an allied village of B or A grade, or crafted from the recipe. Raid flare recipes can be obtained via trading from an allied A grade village only.

Species Raid Flares
Item Idea Name
Icon-Item-Cariblin Raid Flare.png Icon-Idea-Cariblin Raid Flare.png Cariblin Raid Flare
Icon-Item-Litter Raid Flare.png Icon-Idea-Litter Raid Flare.png Litter Raid Flare
Icon-Item-Fexel Raid Flare.png Icon-Idea-Fexel Raid Flare.png Fexel Raid Flare
Icon-Item-Krocker Raid Flare.png Icon-Idea-Krocker Raid Flare.png Krocker Raid Flare
Icon-Item-Gobbledew Raid Flare.png Icon-Idea-Gobbledew Raid Flare.png Gobbledew Raid Flare