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Puffle Egg

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Icon-Item-Puffle Egg.png
Puffle Egg
Glossary-Food-Puffle Egg.png
Item-ID: 13
Max. Stack Size: 15
Type: Food
Source: Renewable Clusters, Puffle drop
Location: Show on map

A small, pink egg from a Puffle critter.

Glossary entry[edit | edit source]

A small, edible egg from a Puffle critter. Nutritious... But I feel a bit sad about eating it.

I can often see them lying around their nests in any area.

Usage in crafting[edit | edit source]

Clash Mixture Idea

Ingredients Products

Gobbledew Essence

Clash MixtureClash MixtureClash Mixture

Puffle Egg


Scope Drink Idea

Ingredients Products

Alpafant Meat

Scope DrinkScope DrinkScope Drink

Puffle Egg

Fexel Essence


Vitality Drink Idea

Ingredients Product

Ridge FennelRidge FennelRidge FennelRidge Fennel

Vitality Drink

Puffle EggPuffle Egg



Rotten Meat Platter Idea

Ingredients Products

Puffle Egg

Rotten Meat PlatterRotten Meat Platter

Alpafant MeatAlpafant MeatAlpafant Meat


Bleeker Thigh

Anura Shroom


Poisoned Meat Platter Idea

Ingredients Products

Alpafant MeatAlpafant MeatAlpafant MeatAlpafant Meat

Poisoned Meat PlatterPoisoned Meat Platter

Bleeker Thigh


Anura ShroomAnura ShroomAnura Shroom


Puffle Egg

Highly Toxic Meat Platter Idea

Ingredients Products

Alpafant MeatAlpafant Meat

Highly Toxic Meat PlatterHighly Toxic Meat Platter

Bleeker ThighBleeker Thigh

Anura ShroomAnura ShroomAnura ShroomAnura Shroom



Waddletooth Loin



Puffle Egg