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Type: NPC
Species: Human
Location: Unstable Cliffs

Gronkh is a male human living on the Unstable Cliff.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When today's ceremony is over, I feel like...
Playing a game with everyone! After the stew perhaps?

I'm thinking something like... Everyone has to hide, and one person comes to find them.
I call it...

I had so many fantasies about what could possibly go wrong..
Yet - this is worse than all of them...

Man, things really changed around here since the collapse.
When you start to pay attention, you see that everything is a bit more unstable than we thought before...

There's a whole stream of ideas and plans coming from Gery and Marla...
...but I'm getting the feeling we should just leave?

I've been thinking about lightening the mood with that game I thought of...
But with all the rubble around, the hiding and seeking might be a bit... confronting.