Beagalite Gear Set

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Beagalite Gear Set
Type: Equipment, Gear Set
Stats: Heart:*****
Species: Human
Source: from Grob's Workshop and the ideas from The Pact

The Beagalite Gear Set has the best stats in the game. It's also the only set that offers items for all gear slots that are available: Head Head, Torso Torso,Hands Hands, Legs Legs, and Feet Feet.

Completing it (including the axe and shield) requires

in total and grants the Grob's Support achievement.

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Move Speed Bonus
  • Sprint Duration Boost
  • Melee Speed Boost
  • Damage Ratio Boost
  • Melee Damage Boost

Items in this set[edit | edit source]

Related Items[edit | edit source]

These items aren't required for the set bonuses but for the achievement.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Beagalite Axe Idea

Ingredients Product


Beagalite Axe

Alpafant LeatherAlpafant LeatherAlpafant Leather

12x Lean-Iron

8x Beagalite


Gobbledew EssenceGobbledew Essence

Cariblin EssenceCariblin Essence

Fexel EssenceFexel Essence

Beagalite Shield Idea

Ingredients Product

8x Marrwood

Beagalite Shield

6x Alpafant Leather


12x Lean-Iron



Litter EssenceLitter Essence

Krocker EssenceKrocker Essence