Amphiscus Orb

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Amphiscus Orb
Pillar Amphiscis.png
Item-ID: 296
Type: Collectible, Quest Item
Source: Pick up from Amphiscus Pillars
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A rare, mysterious orb, seemingly from the civilization of an ancient species. Seems to hold special meaning.

Grob: "They belonged to the Amphiscus, the first inhabitants of Albamare."

Picking up an Amphiscus Orb after talking with Grob for the first time starts the quest Grob's Workshop . Be sure to talk with Grob before collecting the last orb.

There are a total of 68 orbs in the game. Subtracting the 55 orbs required for Grob's Workshop Hue is left with a surplus of 13 orbs. Two orbs aren't accessible at the start of the game (on map: 1 and 2). They become accessible during the quests Many Turns and The Pact.