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The game World of Pine is the Island of Albamare, which is home to isolated human tribes.

Pine - as in the developers description - is special for its alternate "evolutionary timeline", where other creatures but humans developed further and discovered language and culture. Humans never leave the island out of fear losing its safety.

When players are playing the main character Hue, they will have to help his tribe to survive and sustain their territory. Hue will find many Vaults on his way and uncover treasures and mysteries from the past.

Species[edit | edit source]

The world of Pine has a ecological hierarchy, with cultured species at the top and critters at the bottom.

A - Cultured Species - Intelligent, self-sufficient, inventive, settled, strong tools
B - Organized Species - Semi-intelligent, in groups, territorial, basic tools
C - Nomad Species - Roaming, small groups, basic behavior, scattered, mostly bare-handed
D - Critters - Ecological producers or balancers, unintelligent, nomadic, more creature-like; these can't evolve or devolve

Species, who live in villages, usually also take over certain roles or professions: Gatherers, Scouts, Traders, Hunters, Soldiers... etc


Mini Dictionary[edit | edit source]

Species[edit | edit source]

  • Fexel - a fox-like species, who can make use of chemicals, small tools and who can make use of bombs in combat.
  • Alpafant - a critter with the features of a horse, but the feet and trunk of an elephant.
  • Krocker - a crocodile-like intelligent species
  • Gobbledew - an evolved bird-species
  • Bleeker - an aggressive, reptile-like critter, which will attack the player on sight. It has widely set eyes, long antennas on head and mouth, long claws, sharp set of teeth and a mighty tail.
  • Dragonfly
  • Mannoth
  • Puffle - a pink, short, kiwi-like bird living on the ground.
  • Cariblin - a caribou-like intelligent species
  • Litter - a lizard-like species, which can spit toxic saliva.
  • Waddletooth - a dog-like critter with walrus tusks and a beaver tail.
  • Robin

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